About Us


We accompany this wonderful device continuously for more than 20 years as the first models of the Aqua Scooter AS- 400 through parts and service . We introduced the first generation of the Aqua Scooter since the start of the company , and we are involved in all phases of engineering and improvements during the last twenty years covering all models of the AS- 400 , AS- 450 , AS- 500 , AS -600 and AS- 650 features and the latest model as the exclusive re-seller - SUPER MAGNUM that was first introduced  by the company in the beginning of 2014 . no one knows the Aqua Scooter better than we do. our crew traveled the globe with the device across lakes and oceans sailed with dolphins turtles and whales. the Aqua Scooter is a real fun experience for all age levels and for any user who loves water  !!!