Buoyancy vest


When you go out on a water adventure don't go without a buoyancy vest which is a necessary accessory in any marine activity.

  • Highest buoyancy 50 Newton

  • Exterior building material Cordura 600 Internal material 420 Nylon

  •  very comfortable buoyancy vest  with front zipper quality thick plastic including a large buckle pull string

  • Tightening and adjustment strap 40 mm wide with quick closing and tightening quality.

  • Four buckle straps for a perfect fit

  • Two tightening straps and quality buckles for waist adjustment

  • Two tracks including quality buckles and bands for shoulder height adjustment

  • Elastic straps with padded shoulders with adjustment for perfect fit

  • Wearing and removing the life buoyancy is quick and convenient also suitable for large, heavy users.

  • Elastic sides tightening perfect comfort

  • Tying two front buckles and one-third

  • Rear buckle tie accessories

  • Vests are provided in special red color which is visible from afar distance.

  • Comes in  Multi size of: L / XL

Price: 92$