Aqua-Noodle Device


From This Moment on you can enjoy a new revolutionary additional accessory that connects easily to the AQUA-SCOOTER device and will grant you increased buoyancy, high speed, confidence and enjoyment. The Aqua-Noodle Will unfold for you a large range of options to use your AQUA-SCOOTER , the Aqua-Noodle is a revolutionary accessory which is easy to assemble and use that will give you a great additional value in a minimum investment. The Aqua-Noodle connects to the AQUA-SCOOTER quickly and takes just a minute to assemble, there is no need for assembly tools , the Aqua-Noodle grants fast cruising speed and convenient forward and backwards operation which increases the buoyancy of the AQUA-SCOOTER device and adds additional balance to the body of the operator as he squeezes the throttle gas, and allows the operator to lean on it during the cruise. the stream of water output while cruising creates the elevation of the Aqua-Noodle and enables the operator a long distance cruise with minimal effort. the Aqua-Noodle is light weight , only 200 g  which grants easy carry, assembly, convenient storage and increases the fun in the water.

Price: 85$