• The Amazing Aqua Scooter device cruising in the Maldives
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  • Discover places no one reached before with the Aqua Scooter !
  • Reaching far distance locations with the Aqua Scooter !
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  • Reaching the best Snorkeling zones and exploreing hidden reef's in the sea

The best and the most enjoyable way to discover the sea and the water now has a name: Aqua Scooter . This remarkable device is fueled by gasoline and allows you to discover far beaches, spot unique snorkeling riffs, magical diving sites and fishing locations. The Aqua scooter is a personal and family-fun device that fits swimmers, divers and fishermen of all ages. One of a kind unique device, so ingenious which issued a patent registered in the world. The Aqua Scooter will take you through magical bays, dive sites areas and riffs with incredible ease effortlessly and with great pleasure. With the Aqua Scooter you are in direct contact in the water. It leads you to the various water streams at 5 mph up to 10 mph. It’s economical - two liters of fuel will provide you with two hours of incredible fun in the water.

 Aqua Scooter allows you to swim freely moving through water fast and cruise to distances of over 15 miles. It’s safe, easy to carry and store and it only weighs about 7kg. The Aqua Scooter can even be used as an outboard engine for rubber and sailing boats. Even if you drop it in water it will continue to spin around in circles until you catch it again.

Aqua Scooter has a wonderful range of various accessories that make it a multi-purpose fun tool:

  • Unique Mattress - connects to the Aqua Scooter capable of carrying the user conveniently and quickly.
  • Steering Handle Fitting used for connecting the Aqua Scooter to any small size boat or kayak.
  • Special carrying case to the Aqua Scooter and its accessories.
  • Rubber boat that allows a fun cruise for the whole family.
  • Aqua Sub a carrier box made of fiberglass that allows you to carry your belongings or fish you caught in the water.

Aqua Scooter takes out all the effort of swimming or snorkeling and provides so much more fun. This compact water sports machine is easily stored on a boat or shelf and carried anywhere. The Aqua Scooter is fun for all ages and adaptable to all sorts of water sports.

Aqua Scooter - agile, pulling & pushing water at incredible speed! Brings an exciting new aspect to personal and family cruise. Acquisition and maintenance are easy.  Unique and exclusively marketed by the company for more than 25 years.

This site was created to allow you to purchase the Aqua Scooter, Aqua Scooter spare parts and various accessories so you and your family can also enjoy this wonderful tool.

Please read our Policies page before ordering and feel free to contact us at any time with any questions that you may have about the Aqua Scooter.